lisa chandler  artist

studio processes

To choose the collaboration partnerships, each local artist pulled the name of an international artist out of the hat. Lu Fangs most recent works are colourful abstract paintings that evoke associations with nature, imaginary landscapes and narratives – quite different from my own more neutral urban-scapes.

As a way to start working together we decided to respond intuitively to the movement of each other’s marks and colours, taking turns to create layers on the canvas. Over the six days our collaboration became a visual dialogue that formed gradually through layers of washes, pouring and painting. We explored the balance and tensions between our individual mark making - between geometric shapes and organic forms, bright colours and neutrals, thickly poured paint and raw washes, busy and empty spaces. There was a gradual opening up and acceptance of each other’s processes and the end result was a wonderful series of paintings that we couldn’t of created individually.


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