in transit

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To better understand the transitory nature of non-places I undertook a range of planned or random psychogeographic wanderings at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) in 2012. Psychogeography is a methodology that explores geography and human expression through walking. Wandering through the airport formed not only my image collection process but its anonymous nature provided a quiet and reflective space to consider how to translate the experience back in the studio.

KLIA has been designed to global standards; it is a quintessential non-place*. It is generic, vast, shiny and new, clean and quiet – very different from traditional Malaysian transit stations which are noisy, old and often outdoors.

As a society we are spending more time transitioning through these disorientating spaces, rather than being present in specific places. The non-place offers anonymity, change, unknown possibilities and restrains significant connections between users. Our increasing reliance on mobile technology adds another layer of disconnection within these spaces.

* French theorist Marc Augé defined the non-place as a generic, anonymous and transitory space.

lisa chandler  artist