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The INSTINC 10 collaboration celebrated INSTINC Gallery's 10th anniversary. I felt privileged to be invited back to take part in such an important milestone in INSTINC’s history. INSTINC Director Shih Yun Yeo is a strong believer in the value of collaboration and it is wonderful that she facilitated this project between five Singaporean and five international artists. The project gave participants the opportunity to share ideas, creative processes and knowledge of the arts from their own world view.

Introduction to the project by Shih Yun Yeo – INSTINC Director:

"I believe in the power of collaboration. Competition makes you faster, but collaboration makes you better. When two creative individuals collide, there will bound to be sparks. I like it even more when the artists do not know which artist they will end up being paired with; it is all up to ‘chance’. And I also like the idea of bringing together the best artists who existed at one point in time in INSTINC; they are like dots in INSTINC’s timeline and now for the 10th anniversary, all these dots will join together and dance in the same time and space.

For two artists who have never met each other and who may have very diverse artistic styles and subject matter, finding common ground to work together may be a challenging and time-consuming task. To accelerate the process of collaboration, we felt it might be a good idea to have some sort of starting point. ‘Motion & Emotion, or the Art of being Moved’ hence naturally fell into place as a promising point of departure.

Of course, not forgetting that I was super inspired by LindArt in Slovenia in 2008, where they invited 12 international artists, pairing them randomly to collaborate for 10 days, which culminated in an exhibition in the old castle. I made great friends there like Katja Pal, Alba Escayo and Hirofumi Matsuzaki, and that experience there was one of the most unforgettable and enjoyable times in my life. It was great because it was intensive, and for 10 days you simply create, breathe, eat and drink art.

I hope I can re-create that magic here in Singapore through this collaboration. I hope these 10 artists will never forget this, just as I will never forget LindArt."


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