lisa chandler  artist

seeing red

I spent a day exploring Chinatown and rather than following the tourist map trail, I undertook a derive, or drifting walk with no set route, just the idea of seeking out things coloured red. And not just the usual red coloured Chinese lanterns but things the tourist gaze would not normally take in. This type of wandering enables the walker to become more aware of their surroundings, forcing them to look up and down, and hunting out small details.

There are obviously wonderful and historic sites on the Chinatown tourist trail well worth seeing but this project offered me the chance to see a different and unscripted side, where I never knew what I was going to stumble across. If you think about it, with all the tourist media we have access to, we have normally seen the tourist hot spots in photographs long before we even leave home. In our global society where control is increasing and experiencing the unknown is becoming harder, the individual and creative experience of the derive is a space of escapism and freedom.


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