lisa chandler  artist

studio processes

As requested by the Director of INSTINC, I went to Singapore with no
pre-conceived ideas or work plan.

To start, I spent many hours exploring the multi-layered nature of the environment on foot. As I walked I engaged with the verticality of the spaces and the dynamics of the crowd by taking photographic ‘slices’ of city life. This urban wandering formed my image collection process.

In the studio, the concept of ‘slice’, as not only a ‘slice of life’, but as the verb ‘slice’ - to cut through, or form into layers or separate with spaces, informed my compositions. I experimented with layered figures, hard lines and geometric shapes to create chaotic images. I also created images that explored the minute scale of the human form in the vast spaces of the metro or mall.

In terms of materials, I was influenced by an exhibition of traditional Chinese paintings and Shih Yun’s ink paintings in the studio. I experimented with black and white ink and fluid acrylics on watercolour paper and canvas.




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