the non-place

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The non-place, a term coined by French theorist Marc Augé, is a generic, anonymous and transitory space. Globalisation has resulted in a proliferation of these crowded spaces, including airports, subways and bus stations. Travelling is the mode of the non-place and due to the ease and speed of travel today people often spend more time transitioning through spaces rather than inhabiting specific places.

The artist as urban wanderer negotiates non-places to experience and understand the complexities of the global city. Wandering the street positions the artist in the flow of the crowd, and amongst the sights and sounds of the city.

These works explore the tension between the chaos of the crowd and the quiet of the individual in the non-place. The empty, private in-between spaces are highlighted; along with the unknown, and the freedom and anonymity that the city offers.

“Paintings by Lisa Chandler were a favourite of mine, as they brought attention to the chaotic atmosphere of human existence, yet showed appreciation in the serenity of space”

Sin-Mae Chung of ‘Mccaulay+Maestro’, January 2012

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